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American Boy
You can't have manslaughter without laughter
Japan dates and locations! 
26th-May-2016 07:45 pm
Zootopia - Love
Here is a loose outline of our stay! Any tips, hints, help, suggestions (especially for Saturday) is welcomed! Please feel free to hang out and show us around! ♥

Tokyo October 2016

October 15th

- Leave Massachusetts and arrive in California to meet up with jadekitty777

- Stay: Her house

October 16th

- Leave California to Tokyo, Japan

- Stay: Overnight flight zzzzzzzz

October 17th

- Arrive in Tokyo

- Take shuttle to hotel

- Stay: Hotel Nikko Narita

October 18th

- Shuttle back to airport

- Catch bus to Tokyo Disneyland

- Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland! ♥

- Stay: Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

October 19th

- Enjoy Tokyo DisneySea! ♥

- Stay: Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

October 20th

- Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland!

- Take subway to Ikebukuro

- Stay: Centurion Hotel Ikebukuro

October 21st

- Ikebukuro
*Pokemon Center (Sunshine City)
*Sega GiGO
*Mister Donut
*Tobu Department Store
*Cat Cafe Nekorobi

- Stay: Centurion Hotel Ikebukuro

October 22nd

- Toshima
*Sunshine Aquarium
*Mejiro Garden

- Odaiba
(end of Day rainbow bridge)

October 23rd *30th Birthday!*

- Ikebukuro
*Swallowtail Friend Meetup!

- Sumida
*Tokyo Skytree (Evening)
*Tokyo Tower
*Sumida Park
*Tokyo Solamachi
*Sensoji Temple
*Ushijima Shrine
*Kyu Yasuda Garden

October 24th

- Akihabara
*Don Quijote
*Eorzea Cafe (Evening) Friend Meetup!

October 25th

- Shinjuku
***************Artnia! Friend Meetup!
*Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
*Isetan Department Store
*Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation Gallery (Evening)
*Sanrio Gift Gate

October 26th

- Shibuya / Harajuku
*Meiji Jingu
*Hachiko/ Shibuya Crossing
*Shibuya Cat Street
*Center Gai
*Disney Store Building
*One Piece Mugiwara Store
*Kiddy Land
*Sunday Jam
*6% Dokidoki
*Oriental Bazaar
*Tokyo Snake Center

October 27th

*Post office to ship out all our goods
*Mimi Bunny Cafe (If you can help us ship out our boxes, would be more than happy to pay for a bunny cafe session!)

- Airport back to LAX 7:30pm

- LAX back to jadekitty777's 1:30

November 2nd

-Leave California to Massachusetts
1st-Jun-2016 07:06 pm (UTC)
Fwiw I've heard that Tokyo Disney is not worth it if you go to Disneyland/world in the US with any regularity. hebilea went to Tokyo Disney when we went to Japan in March, and the rest of us passed, and from the sound of it we didn't miss much. Same rides as the US parks, etc. I think Disney Sea is significantly different though.

Side note: I wasted sooooo much time in K-Books and Mandarake stores. So much time. (I may have come back with an accidental doujin collection. Oops.)

The Mugiwara Store is great, by the way. Even if I am still butthurt about getting the one charm I did not want (TWICE!) in one of their stupid blind package charm sets.
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