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Japan dates and locations!

Here is a loose outline of our stay! Any tips, hints, help, suggestions (especially for Saturday) is welcomed! Please feel free to hang out and show us around! ♥

Tokyo October 2016

October 15th

- Leave Massachusetts and arrive in California to meet up with jadekitty777

- Stay: Her house

October 16th

- Leave California to Tokyo, Japan

- Stay: Overnight flight zzzzzzzz

October 17th

- Arrive in Tokyo

- Take shuttle to hotel

- Stay: Hotel Nikko Narita

October 18th

- Shuttle back to airport

- Catch bus to Tokyo Disneyland

- Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland! ♥

- Stay: Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

October 19th

- Enjoy Tokyo DisneySea! ♥

- Stay: Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

October 20th

- Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland!

- Take subway to Ikebukuro

- Stay: Centurion Hotel Ikebukuro

October 21st

- Ikebukuro
*Pokemon Center (Sunshine City)
*Sega GiGO
*Mister Donut
*Tobu Department Store
*Cat Cafe Nekorobi

- Stay: Centurion Hotel Ikebukuro

October 22nd

- Toshima
*Sunshine Aquarium
*Mejiro Garden

- Odaiba
(end of Day rainbow bridge)

October 23rd *30th Birthday!*

- Ikebukuro
*Swallowtail Friend Meetup!

- Sumida
*Tokyo Skytree (Evening)
*Tokyo Tower
*Sumida Park
*Tokyo Solamachi
*Sensoji Temple
*Ushijima Shrine
*Kyu Yasuda Garden

October 24th

- Akihabara
*Don Quijote
*Eorzea Cafe (Evening) Friend Meetup!

October 25th

- Shinjuku
***************Artnia! Friend Meetup!
*Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
*Isetan Department Store
*Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation Gallery (Evening)
*Sanrio Gift Gate

October 26th

- Shibuya / Harajuku
*Meiji Jingu
*Hachiko/ Shibuya Crossing
*Shibuya Cat Street
*Center Gai
*Disney Store Building
*One Piece Mugiwara Store
*Kiddy Land
*Sunday Jam
*6% Dokidoki
*Oriental Bazaar
*Tokyo Snake Center

October 27th

*Post office to ship out all our goods
*Mimi Bunny Cafe (If you can help us ship out our boxes, would be more than happy to pay for a bunny cafe session!)

- Airport back to LAX 7:30pm

- LAX back to jadekitty777's 1:30

November 2nd

-Leave California to Massachusetts
Noragami - Punk Yato

Ireland & London Town Trip!

February 6th
Plane: Aer Lingus Leaving Boston 7:20pm
Flight EI 134

February 7th
Arriving Shannon 6:10am

February 20th
Plane: Aer Lingu s Leaving Shannon 8:50am
Flight EI 380
Arriving London Heathrow 10:20am Terminal 2

Bus: National Express Terminal 2 1:15pm
Arriving Victoria Coach Station 2:10pm

Hotel: Travelodge Hotel - London Central Euston
2 room, double

February 22nd
Hotel: Check out

Attraction: WB Studio Tour

Bus: National Express Leaving Victoria Coach Station 8pm
Arriving Swansea 12:20am

February 27th
Bus: National Express Swansea 7am
Arriving Heathrow Terminal 2 11:30am

Plane: Aer Lingus Heathrow 2:20pm
Flight EI 385
Arriving Shannon 3:45pm

Hotel: Park Inn
1 room

February 28th
Hotel: Check out

Plane: Leaving Shannon 11:40am
Flight EI 135
Arriving Boston 1:55PM
Noragami - Punk Yato

Anxiety, ISTJ vs Splatoon

Splatoon has been a huge part of my life since I first saw it while visiting Ina back in July. I bought the game and Wii U in mid august and with help from some new amazing friends, I have been able to become a relatively awesome player! I work hard and practice, learning from my mistakes and from others I play with/watch on Youtube.
Now that I am a master of Turf War and level 40, I have proven myself good enough to be on a squad and to really wean on into Ranked mode.

As much as I am excited for the new opportunity and learning experience; I have a major flaw that will interfere with the beginning stages.

Much like Turf War, I was petrified playing with other people online. Was I good enough? Would I ever been good enough?
The answer is yes but I had to work for it though now I can admit that is it much different playing solo than with friends.

Now I have gotten to the point that I actually need to play ranked to get anywhere at my level.

Let's start with my actual mental disorder diagnosed as Generalized Anxiety Disorder and how it comes into play with Splatoon.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) comes with subcategories of different anxieties, six if I remember correctly. I have two and one of them is Perfectionist Anxiety. My dad is a perfectionist so I am sure some of this spikes from my upbringing.
If I cannot do something perfectly, I had failed.
I am petrified if the thought of failure.
Failure is not an option and can never be an option.

Ranked mode in Splatoon shoves failure in your face.
It's to mostly help you grow more determined.
It makes me want to crawl in a little ball.
Obviously I have grown with this anxiety and learned to counter it. Yes I have failed and I can only get better by practicing. That is the only way I cannot fail. It's much easier said that done. I will go into Ranked being ok with knowing I will fail because I don't practice enough due to this fear of failure but midway I will become very anxious and never want to do it again.
I know I have to push myself and get over this anxiety. I WANT to be a high ranked Splatoon player because I KNOW I'm good enough if I try. I just ask my friends and squad members to see this fear I am trying to overcome and allow me to take more breaks than usual.

Next is my personality trait: ISTJ
Being a part of a squad or ranking with friends is also stressful.
With Ranked mode shoving failure in your face, it also makes you question if you didn't just fail for yourself but if you failed your friends.
As an ISTJ, failing a friend is not ever, ever an option.
We certainly have a hard time expressing certain feelings and emotions but our close friends are close and we cherish them like family.

So this is why I am quite flaky when someone asks me to rank with them.
It is an excuse I hide behind but for most of my life, I have been fighting anxiety so it cannot define who I am. I WILL get over, but I WILL need more support and encouragement to help me get over that wall. ;w;
Noragami - Punk Yato

Walt Disney World and Hogwarts pick-ups


Next week I will be visiting Walt Disney World and Universal Studios and willing to do some pick ups for you guys! ♥

x I cannot pick up large items such as statues or large plush
x I cannot pick up fragile items
x First come first serve; I may end up running out of room in my luggage
x There will be two payments; first is due within 24 hours of item pick up, then second will be shipping
x I will only be picking up Harry Potter merchandise at Universal
x I am visiting every park (AK one day only)

Special Pick-ups
x I can pick up special Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party merch (one night only)
x I can pick up International Food and Wine 20th Anniversary merch

How to Order
x Find merch using Shop Disney Parks app on your smartphone
x MNSSHP merchandise
x International Food and Wine Festival merchandise
x Wizarding World of Harry Potter merchandise

? If you don't have any specific item in mind, I will be willing to take pictures of merch for certain characters/movies but I need to know what kind of merch you are looking for (ex. keychains, magnets, cups)
?If this is what you'd like to do, please let me know what the best way to contact you is so we can work in real time ^^

Order List
Tay - Eeyore desk stuff & socks
Noragami - Punk Yato

Amazon Order and packing tips!g

Amazon Order
These items will be ordered.
___ Lip balm w/ sunscreen
___ Cellphone external charger
___ Water bottle holder w/ strap
___ No leak zip lock bag f/ wet clothes
___ Glow sticks
___ Over the door organizer
___ Wick socks
___ Mad libs
___ Frogg Toggs chill pad

Packing Tips
Gathered from a million sites online!

_x_ Shirts
___ Shorts
___ Underwear/Bras
_x_ Pajamas
___ Socks
___ Hairbands/Accessories
___ Costume
___ Hats/Visors
_x_ Sunglasses
___ Walking shoes
___ Flip flops (for water rides)

Belts, jewelry, watches, swimsuits, cover-ups, Laundry

___ Toothbrush
___ Toothpaste
___ Contacts/Solution/Case
___ Razor
___ Hair brush
___ Deodorant
___ Shower soap
___ Face soap

Nail polish/remover, make-up/remover, lotion, tweezers, nail clippers, emery board

___ Hotel Confirmation
___ Boarding passes
___ Dollar bills for tipping
___ ID
___ Envelope for Mousekeeping tip
___ Insurance cards
___ Maps (Ina bring that Passporter!)
___ AAA card
_x_ Universal Tickets

___ Prescription medication
___ Blister band-aids/Moleskin
___ Band-aids
___ Aloe Vera
___ Eye drops
___ Sunscreen
___ Pain medication
___ Body Glide/Blister stick/foot powder

Daily Bags
_x_ Magic bands
___ Cellphone
_x_ Ponchos (I have one for everyone!)
___ Sanitizer
___ Pennies for pressing/quarters
___ Towel
___ Shout wipes/Tide pens
___ Tissues
___ Zip lock (wet clothes, leftovers, wet rides)
___ Pens
___ Playing cards

Everything Else
___ Ear buds
___ Clothes pins
___ Ear plugs
___ Water proof case
___ Liquid hand soap
___ Snacks
_x_ Power strip
___ Chargers
Noragami - Punk Yato

Pokemon Worlds weekend check list!

___ Polka dot skirt
___ Blue tank
___ Figure out what the hell to wear on Saturday and Sunday then pack that
___ Underoos
___ Stitch scarf
___ Hopefully sandals!!

___ Foundation
___ Lip gloss
___ Hair brush
___ Hair ties x2
___ Barrettes
___ Extra hair clip
___ Pikachu earrings

___ Tooth brush
___ Tooth paste x2
___ Shampoo/conditioner
___ Soap
___ Washcloth
___ Razor
___ Lotion
___ Powder
___ Deodorant

___ Laptop
___ Laptop charger
___ 3DS
___ 3DS charger
___ Phone
___ Phone charger
___ Dream Drop Distance
___ Animal Crossing: New Leaf

___ Wayne
___ Ear plugs x2
___ $40 cash
___ Gifts/Supplies
___ Teddy bear if he can fit
___ Traveling pillow
___ Espurr iphone case
Noragami - Punk Yato


Thanks to everyone who voted on my earring poll!
Unfortunately, when I went to go buy them, they had sold! I could have requested another pair but turn around time was 4-6 weeks!

So I got these instead! ♥
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Noragami - Punk Yato

Help me pick!

What set of earrings should I buy for Worlds?

(attached tail)

(dangle tail)

Poll #1974346 What set of earrings?

Choose one!

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4
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