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You can't have manslaughter without laughter
2nd-Feb-2014 07:25 pm - Hiatus
Noragami - Punk Yato
Hey guys.

So, life has thrown a lot of stuff at me these past few months and in the last few days, things have become a bit intense. Unfortunately, a new chapter of worry and change has fallen into my lap, not to mention the amount of stress loaded onto me at work.

I will probably be MIA on Livejournal until things settle down which might not be until late summer. I am, however, still active on Facebook and Twitter when it comes to updates/communication.

I hope you guys are all doing well!
See you soon! ♥
20th-Aug-2013 08:51 pm - Hiatus
Noragami - Punk Yato
Going on hiatus,
not sure when I'll be back.

If you need to get in contact with me, please send me an email at:

I will not be available for custom bidding, trades, sales, or the like.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
Noragami - Punk Yato

Absolutely beautiful and

I can die happy now.
10th-Jun-2013 05:04 pm - Disney 30 Day Challenge
Noragami - Punk Yato
Day #10: Your favorite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.)

Mickey Mooooooouse~
Noragami - Punk Yato
“I had, over my chest, a small sign that read: “Closed for Demolition”. And here I am because of you, painting the walls and opening the windows.”
— Carlos Pellicer

This was on a Vaniku journal but I love it so much! ;A;

Last night while going through Tumblr, I stumbled onto someone who makes the cutest little plushes! Their prices were pretty decent and their style is so cute! I really don't have the money for any more commissions but I figured he might be a good traveling buddy since my Avatar Mascot plush wasn't. I asked her for a quote and she sent me a sketch of the plush concept

It's Ventus! ♥ He's such a cutie pie! I cannot wait to get him!

So to the trip!
I again had to wake up at some crazy ass time in the morning on Friday so I didn't have much time to heal up from all the CENTRAL PARK WALKING.
We left and stopped for breakfast. I really don't like eating so early in the morning because I'm never hungry and I feel sick if I eat too much so I had one and a half slices of french toast and three links of sausage with chocolate milk. After that, we headed out to Maine in which I snuggled up to my mom's Hello Kitty blanket and slept until we got to Ogunquit. I was doused with sun screen because my skin is so fair and I got sunburn while in NYC. We walked the mile marginal way.

And that is where my journey began~

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Noragami - Punk Yato
First of all, I would like to once again congratulate Ina!!!! I am SO, SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU! ♥ I can't wait to hear about future events. ♥

Secondly, I won't have any pictures of my new phone because I returned it. I found it to be pretty un-user friendly and the price tag was just for the MP3 player in it which I didn't plan on using. Instead, with the money, I bought Kingdom Hearts smut.... I am doing great on saving money for Otakon.

So now, let's beginning with my vacation traveling! I'll begin with the big apple! 8D
I have been here a few times but my mom never has so I decided to bring her here for a two day vacation for her 51st birthday!

Also, everyone who saw these pictures of Central Park said I had a calling for photography. owo;;

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4th-Nov-2012 05:22 pm - Trip to California 2012!
Noragami - Punk Yato
As promised, I have my pictures ready! You don't have to wait 2 years for them again. 83~
There won't be any TL;DR so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
We went on 35+ rides the first two days so by the time we got to Disneyland, we were pretty spent, at least I was. xD And VERY sore.
I will start with the trip pictures and then make another post for what I purchased because there are SO MANY IMAGES!!
Let's start with this one!

Sora found a keyhole!

What else did he see?Collapse )
30th-Oct-2012 04:27 pm - Card Needs
Pokemon - Card Collector
Just a rough draft of my card needs, not wants, haha! I am NOT looking to buy until November so please keep that in mind if you look through these. I would like to trade first if anything else. I will be adding to this and making it pretty before it goes live to the community.

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1st-Aug-2012 12:00 am - You betcha
Noragami - Punk Yato

All comments are screened.
I will not entertain everyone's request.

This journal is friends only for a reason.
I expect everyone on my flist to respect what I say in my journal and not willingly share it.
Any users that I feel put me at risk will be deleted.

Sorry but no:
1) Lurkers
2) Furries
29th-Jul-2012 05:05 pm - SALES
Noragami - Punk Yato
Basic Rules★
☠ Items are coming from Massachusetts, USA
☠ I ship Domestic & International
☠ Prices DO NOT include shipping
☠ Prices DO NOT include PP fees
☠ Feel free to ask questions

Payment Terms★
☠ Prices are in USD
☠ I accept Paypal ONLY
☠ Please pay within 2 days of confirmation by Paypal

Shipping Terms★
☠ Please include your zip code in your inquires if you're from the states
☠ If not in the states, please include what country you're in so I can tell you your shipping
☠ I ship on Saturday ONLY
☠ I do combine shipping
☠ I am not responsible for uninsured or damaged goods. Please ask for insurance if you want it when commenting.
☠ I am no responsible for lost goods. Please ask for delivery confirmation if you would like tracking.

Trading Status★
☠ I am NOT trading at this time.

☠ I don't smoke but the person who lived here before me did!. Yes, there might be some cigarette smoke caught in your items but I have no control over this. I think it's horrible too!

Feedback can be found here

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