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8th-Nov-2015 12:32 pm - Meet my Inklings!
Pokemon - Battle Eevee
I've been meaning to make up a bio/story for my Inklings for like months so I'm sitting here, listening to the new Splatune OST doing so!
Sorry for the crap photos! I just learned how to do screencaps but used my phone prior! ^^;

Name: Chica
Eyes: Orange
Skin: Medium
Birth Color: Orange
Friends: Andy, Mwee, Amélie, Spyke
Skill: Shooter
Fav Map: Urcin Underpass
Least Fav Map: Flounder Heights*
Weapons: N'Zap 89, Splattershot Jr., Aerospray MG, Dual Squelcher, .52 Gal Deco

Chica resides at Flounder Heights* in a higher level studio apartment. She is able to pay her rent at this expensive complex due to her work at Crusty Sean's. Chica is a graphic designer, doing most of Crusty Sean's advertisement design and concept art for future footwear. One days off, or even during work, Chica enjoys music; her second passion. Certainly she loves Squid Sisters but her favorite band is Hightide Era.
There is something you should know about Chica:
She does not enjoy splatting.
Though she is a talented shooter, Chica eventually began believing that her talents were being wasted on trivial and pointless (maybe even barbaric) gaming that used up a lot of her life energy (ink). Chica's last game was during a Turf War where she was on the dark blue side. Her color hasn't changed since. Since deciding to stop playing, many things have changed for Chica... all for the worst. She hears snide remarks that soon travel to her employer. Crusty Sean apologizes that he can no longer employ her.
She is no longer fresh.
Distressed and pressured about her life decision, Chica takes action when a turn of events help her learn and become on of the freshest squids in Inkopolis.

Name: Andy
Eyes: Yellow
Skin: Tanned
Birth Color: Pink
Friends: Chica, Lexi, Amélie, Slick Rick
Skill: Slosher
Fav Map: Arowana Mall
Least Fav Map: Bluefin Depot
Weapons: Slosher

Childhood friend to Chica, Andy is almost the exact opposite of his best friend. Turf War, Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker, you name it and he is there. He's a bit big headed about his known splatting talents as a Slosher. Andy is also well known for his enthusiasm for Splatfest and obsession with the Squid Sisters. The amount of Squid Sister memorabilia he has is a bit alarming. Andy lives on the outskirts of Inkopolis in a small studio and makes it a daily routine to visit Chica before or after his day of splatting. Lately, she has been more agitated from work, leaving her a bit annoyed at his presence. Wondering what was bugging her, not believing it was all the ink covering her window during Flounder Height's new splat hours, he soon learned of her unemployment due to her lack of freshness. Sticking up for his best friend, he gets on the bad side of his competitive buddies.

In a strange and almost unbelievable turn of events, Andy sees a new side of Chica and learns of a new side of himself.

Name: Lexi
Eyes: Green
Skin: Dark
Birth Color: Lime Green
Friends: Andy, Amélie, Slick Rick
Skill: Inkbrush
Fav Map: Hammerhead Bridge
Least Fav Map: Blackbelly Skatepark
Weapons: Inkbrush, Octobrush, Carbon Roller(?)

Lexi was born and raised in Calamari Country and was taught the ancient history of the Bloopers. Lexi participated in teachings of Ninja Squid and learned the Way of the Ink. Lexi is known to be quiet and calculating, which reflects in her splatting style of Inkbrushing. Learning of the sport and lifestyle in Inkopolis, Lexi left the traditional world for the modern. She does not see inking as a sport or hobby but a way of life which is why she is one of the many competitive Inklings who turn an unwanted eye on Chica when she announces quitting. She respects Andy enough not to bring up her disapproval to him about his best friend.

Turn of Events: Chica & Andy

"Chica! Did you see the Squid Sister's Breaking News!? The Giant Zapfish is gone!"

Spatfest in in another week! If it can't be found, the lights can't be used! Splatfest won't be the same during the day! Andy was flailing about Chica's apartment with little regard of personal space. She allowed him to spew out his ridiculous ideas of what may have happened to the enormous eel for a bit longer before interrupting.
"I can't believe he was able to steal it!"
"DJ Octavio!"
"Oh Chica, not that again. You need to stop talking to that crazy guy!"
"He's not crazy! He told me this would happen!"
Andy had to question Chica's sanity a few weeks earlier when she told him the weird smelly guy in the sewer started telling her about how Octarians were still alive and were living UNDER Inkopolis. And she believed it!

Long story short, Chica was able to convince him to meet 'Cap'n Cuttlefish'. He'd basically do anything to help make the next Splatfest happen. Picking his ear and nose while 'listening' to the old geezer explain what 'happened', or fall asleep, Andy still wasn't buying it even though Chica was hung on every word. When the crazy guys asked them to come into the sewer, Andy reluctantly followed, if only to make sure Chica would be alright.
Well his doubt flew out the window when they arrived in Octo (Tacotsubo) Valley. It was actually an entire world turned upside down with a bunch of tea pots thrown about.

"How can we help, Cap'n Cuttlefish?" Chica asked eagerly, making Andy flail about once again. "WE!?" That was when they learned the Octarians had stolen precious Zapfish to generate electricity for their valley. It was a 'DJ Octavio' that was a little more greedy, needing to fulfill his title of Octobot King and to make the freshest wasabi beats (to brainwash all the Octarians) so the Giant Zapfish was stolen. They needed to collect all the Zapfish to help generate enough energy to reach the strange UFO in the sky.

Together, Chica and Andy moved through Octo Valley, collecting Zapfish as the world above was still clueless about the situation. Andy and his Slosher took down both Octarians and Octolings with Chica's brains behind combat. Even when given a 'Hero' shooter, Chica refused to use it.
After day three, the two Inklings found themselves spending the night under a bridge, sheltered from the rain.
"Chica, I'm sorry but..." Andy was rubbing his arm, feeling his muscles strained and worn. "I don't know how much more of this I can do."
Chica placed her hand on his shoulder, trying to comfort him and made the mistake of saying that they didn't have to rescue the Giant Zapfish by Splatfest.
"Yes we do! Chica, I know you don't like splatting but Splatfest is everything to me!" Andy stressed, looking slightly crazed but his yellow eyes softened when he looked down into her orange and she asked "Everything?"

The next morning, something unexpected happened.
Cap'n Cuttlefish was kidnapped! He had been their guide, using a communication device in their strange ear warmers.
"Dj Octavio is behind this..."
Andy looked even more worn than he did the night before at the loss of their direction... until new voices filled their headsets.
"THE SQUID SISTERS!?" Andy's eyes lit right back up and the fight was back in them. Cap'n Cuttlefish ended up being the Squid Sister's grandfather.
"Smelly old man, huh?" Chica grinned at Andy's sudden blush.

As the days continued on, Andy wasn't so attentive to what Chica advised him of during their missions as his attention was all for the new 'Agents' he swore sounded like his beloved Squid Sisters. Eventually, Chica just followed Andy's lead in silence and looked away when retrieving a Zapfish as Andy started to gloat to the 'agents' over their headset.
The day before Splatfest, they obtained the last Zapfish and though Andy's arm and fingers were bruised from constant sloshing, he still stayed optimistic to impress the girls on the other line. Chica was sure she was invisible at this point.
Still, together, they super jumped to the strange UFO and arrived inside DJ Octavio's lair.

The two young Inklings stared up at the large, strange machine, watching the helpless Giant Zapfish being sucked up into it. That was then that they met their host; a massive wasabi DJing Octarian.
Large ink-filled bullets came at them, making the inklings run for their lives.
"You can't handle my spicy wasabi beats!"
As bullets continued to rain down at them, Andy tried to slosh ink in defense, but the bullets went right through the short stream like nothing. It was when a large metal fist came barreling at them suddenly that Chica threw Andy down into their own ink to get him out of harm's way. "Watch out!" The Hero's gun was raised and Chica fired a rapid line of ink at the fist, causing it to fly back into the DJ's face.
"I'll make fried squid rings out of you!" The Octarian roared.

"I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!" Chica retorted, standing protectively in front of Andy.

Andy sat there, lack jawed, as he watched Chica, the Inkling who sore never to pick up a gun again, push the large Octavian back, interrupting all his advances of bullets, fists, Killer Wails, spawns, and massive, octopus-shaped bombs with just her simple Hero's gun and bombs of her own. With the help from 'Agent 1' and 'Agent 2' distracting DJ Octavio's 'spicy whatever beats', Chica was able to land the last shot, knocking the Octarian out of his machine. He was instantly captured in a strange, snowglobe of sorts.
After the battle, Cap'n Cuttlefish and both 'Agents' came to rescue the Giant Zapfish from it's holding and to thank the brave Inklings for believing in a smelly old man's stories. They both saved Inkopolis from losing power and from a future Great Turf War. The 'Agents' fawned over Andy some, but they were mostly ignored as the pink Inkling couldn't take his eyes off his best friend.

The day of Splatfest, it was like any other day. The Giant Zapfish magically appeared back in the Plaza and Splatfest was to continue as planned.
It was the night of Splatfest that something else unexpectedly happened. Chica signed up for a few future Turf Wars and Splat Zones so she could reclaim some freshness but for now, she was out of a job. In the middle of packing her apartment up as she could no longer afford rent, looked out the window, seeing the fireworks from the Plaza.
I wonder how Andy is doing. She thought just before there was a knock at the door. She turned and went to open it, blinking in confusion when she saw Andy on the other side. "Hey!"
"Aren't you suppose to be playing?"
"Nah~ I'm way too sore and besides, I had a better idea." Andy replied with a smile and pulled a CD from his bag. It was the new Hightide Era album. "It's been a long time since we spent Splatfest together."

One of the stages for Splatfest was Hammerhead Bridge so there, on one of the spectator wires, Chica and Andy sat, over-watching the Turf War below as fireworks exploded above, sharing an ear bud in each ear, listening to the new album, hand in hand.
KH - Halloween town

Next week I will be visiting Walt Disney World and Universal Studios and willing to do some pick ups for you guys! ♥

x I cannot pick up large items such as statues or large plush
x I cannot pick up fragile items
x First come first serve; I may end up running out of room in my luggage
x There will be two payments; first is due within 24 hours of item pick up, then second will be shipping
x I will only be picking up Harry Potter merchandise at Universal
x I am visiting every park (AK one day only)

Special Pick-ups
x I can pick up special Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party merch (one night only)
x I can pick up International Food and Wine 20th Anniversary merch

How to Order
x Find merch using Shop Disney Parks app on your smartphone
x MNSSHP merchandise
x International Food and Wine Festival merchandise
x Wizarding World of Harry Potter merchandise

? If you don't have any specific item in mind, I will be willing to take pictures of merch for certain characters/movies but I need to know what kind of merch you are looking for (ex. keychains, magnets, cups)
?If this is what you'd like to do, please let me know what the best way to contact you is so we can work in real time ^^

Order List
Tay - Eeyore desk stuff & socks
23rd-Aug-2015 02:02 pm - Amazon Order and packing tips!g
Pokemon - Travel Chu
Amazon Order
These items will be ordered.
___ Lip balm w/ sunscreen
___ Cellphone external charger
___ Water bottle holder w/ strap
___ No leak zip lock bag f/ wet clothes
___ Glow sticks
___ Over the door organizer
___ Wick socks
___ Mad libs
___ Frogg Toggs chill pad

Packing Tips
Gathered from a million sites online!

_x_ Shirts
___ Shorts
___ Underwear/Bras
_x_ Pajamas
___ Socks
___ Hairbands/Accessories
___ Costume
___ Hats/Visors
_x_ Sunglasses
___ Walking shoes
___ Flip flops (for water rides)

Belts, jewelry, watches, swimsuits, cover-ups, Laundry

___ Toothbrush
___ Toothpaste
___ Contacts/Solution/Case
___ Razor
___ Hair brush
___ Deodorant
___ Shower soap
___ Face soap

Nail polish/remover, make-up/remover, lotion, tweezers, nail clippers, emery board

___ Hotel Confirmation
___ Boarding passes
___ Dollar bills for tipping
___ ID
___ Envelope for Mousekeeping tip
___ Insurance cards
___ Maps (Ina bring that Passporter!)
___ AAA card
_x_ Universal Tickets

___ Prescription medication
___ Blister band-aids/Moleskin
___ Band-aids
___ Aloe Vera
___ Eye drops
___ Sunscreen
___ Pain medication
___ Body Glide/Blister stick/foot powder

Daily Bags
_x_ Magic bands
___ Cellphone
_x_ Ponchos (I have one for everyone!)
___ Sanitizer
___ Pennies for pressing/quarters
___ Towel
___ Shout wipes/Tide pens
___ Tissues
___ Zip lock (wet clothes, leftovers, wet rides)
___ Pens
___ Playing cards

Everything Else
___ Ear buds
___ Clothes pins
___ Ear plugs
___ Water proof case
___ Liquid hand soap
___ Snacks
_x_ Power strip
___ Chargers
10th-Aug-2014 07:43 pm - Pokemon Worlds weekend check list!
Noragami - Punk Yato
___ Polka dot skirt
___ Blue tank
___ Figure out what the hell to wear on Saturday and Sunday then pack that
___ Underoos
___ Stitch scarf
___ Hopefully sandals!!

___ Foundation
___ Lip gloss
___ Hair brush
___ Hair ties x2
___ Barrettes
___ Extra hair clip
___ Pikachu earrings

___ Tooth brush
___ Tooth paste x2
___ Shampoo/conditioner
___ Soap
___ Washcloth
___ Razor
___ Lotion
___ Powder
___ Deodorant

___ Laptop
___ Laptop charger
___ 3DS
___ 3DS charger
___ Phone
___ Phone charger
___ Dream Drop Distance
___ Animal Crossing: New Leaf

___ Wayne
___ Ear plugs x2
___ $40 cash
___ Gifts/Supplies
___ Teddy bear if he can fit
___ Traveling pillow
___ Espurr iphone case
11th-Jul-2014 08:57 pm - Earrings!
Noragami - Punk Yato
Thanks to everyone who voted on my earring poll!
Unfortunately, when I went to go buy them, they had sold! I could have requested another pair but turn around time was 4-6 weeks!

So I got these instead! ♥
5th-Jul-2014 06:41 pm - Help me pick!
Noragami - Punk Yato
What set of earrings should I buy for Worlds?

(attached tail)

(dangle tail)

Poll #1974346 What set of earrings?

Choose one!

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4
21st-May-2014 07:06 pm - Japanese PKMN TCG
Noragami - Punk Yato
These are ready to be posted on eBay.
If interested now, looking to really sell the whole lot. I don't collect them, I don't want them!

Paper cuts~Collapse )
2nd-Feb-2014 07:25 pm - Hiatus
Noragami - Punk Yato
Hey guys.

So, life has thrown a lot of stuff at me these past few months and in the last few days, things have become a bit intense. Unfortunately, a new chapter of worry and change has fallen into my lap, not to mention the amount of stress loaded onto me at work.

I will probably be MIA on Livejournal until things settle down which might not be until late summer. I am, however, still active on Facebook and Twitter when it comes to updates/communication.

I hope you guys are all doing well!
See you soon! ♥
20th-Aug-2013 08:51 pm - Hiatus
Noragami - Punk Yato
Going on hiatus,
not sure when I'll be back.

If you need to get in contact with me, please send me an email at:

I will not be available for custom bidding, trades, sales, or the like.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
Noragami - Punk Yato

Absolutely beautiful and

I can die happy now.
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