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2nd-Feb-2014 07:25 pm - [sticky post] Hiatus
DOGS - Back to back
Hey guys.

So, life has thrown a lot of stuff at me these past few months and in the last few days, things have become a bit intense. Unfortunately, a new chapter of worry and change has fallen into my lap, not to mention the amount of stress loaded onto me at work.

I will probably be MIA on Livejournal until things settle down which might not be until late summer. I am, however, still active on Facebook and Twitter when it comes to updates/communication.

I hope you guys are all doing well!
See you soon! ♥
20th-Aug-2013 08:51 pm - Hiatus
KH - Ven look this way
Going on hiatus,
not sure when I'll be back.

If you need to get in contact with me, please send me an email at:

I will not be available for custom bidding, trades, sales, or the like.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
KH - Sora Dive

Absolutely beautiful and

I can die happy now.
10th-Jun-2013 05:04 pm - Disney 30 Day Challenge
KH - 100 acre wood
Day #10: Your favorite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.)

Mickey Mooooooouse~
30th-Oct-2012 04:27 pm - Card Needs
Pokemon - Card Collector
Just a rough draft of my card needs, not wants, haha! I am NOT looking to buy until November so please keep that in mind if you look through these. I would like to trade first if anything else. I will be adding to this and making it pretty before it goes live to the community.

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1st-Aug-2012 12:00 am - You betcha
DOGS - Back to back

All comments are screened.
I will not entertain everyone's request.

This journal is friends only for a reason.
I expect everyone on my flist to respect what I say in my journal and not willingly share it.
Any users that I feel put me at risk will be deleted.

Sorry but no:
1) Lurkers
2) Furries
29th-Jul-2012 05:05 pm - SALES
Noragami - Yato punk
Basic Rules★
☠ Items are coming from Massachusetts, USA
☠ I ship Domestic & International
☠ Prices DO NOT include shipping
☠ Prices DO NOT include PP fees
☠ Feel free to ask questions

Payment Terms★
☠ Prices are in USD
☠ I accept Paypal ONLY
☠ Please pay within 2 days of confirmation by Paypal

Shipping Terms★
☠ Please include your zip code in your inquires if you're from the states
☠ If not in the states, please include what country you're in so I can tell you your shipping
☠ I ship on Saturday ONLY
☠ I do combine shipping
☠ I am not responsible for uninsured or damaged goods. Please ask for insurance if you want it when commenting.
☠ I am no responsible for lost goods. Please ask for delivery confirmation if you would like tracking.

Trading Status★
☠ I am NOT trading at this time.

☠ I don't smoke but the person who lived here before me did!. Yes, there might be some cigarette smoke caught in your items but I have no control over this. I think it's horrible too!

Feedback can be found here

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1st-Jan-2011 01:00 pm - Toda's Old/Other Feedback Post
DOGS - The girls

My OTHER feedback:
  • Etsy - 9 positive feedback
  • General LJ Sales - 82 positive feedback
  • eBay - 390+ positive feedback
  • LaundroMATIC - 260+ positive feedback {No longer around}
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